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2008/9/12 steve donovan <>:
>> - Since it's Lua for Windows, perhaps some useful Win32 stuff like
>> registry and clipboard manipulation. Also serial comms would be nice
> That strikes me as a necessity. Most of  this is not difficult, since
> Alien handles calls to the Win32 API very well.

Has anyone successfully built Alien with mingw gcc on Windows? The
only MS compiler I have is VC 2008 Express, which uses msvcr90 and
isn't compatible with anything :-( (And I can't use LuaBinaries, as I
want to be compatible with things I build myself which embed Lua, and
I have no compiler which uses msvcr80...)

It seems like it should be easy, as gcc includes libffi, but when I
tried it, I got a crash :-(

For reference, I tried a simplistic

gcc --shared -o core.dll -O2 -DWINDOWS core.c -lffi core.def
Lua\lua51.dll -I Lua\include -I

(the libffi include was needed because one of the libffi headers
wasn't available by default - I wonder if that means that libffi,
although included, doesn't work in mingw?)