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> Another (better?) approach might be to patch package.loadlib() for
> Windows to use LoadLibraryEx() with the flag
> LOAD_WITH_ALTERED_SEARCH_PATH instead of LoadLibrary().

  I like the new approach. Because today Lua for Windows must add two
entries to the PATH and set LUA_CPATH/LUA_PATH environment variables. This
turns hard to have two different Lua versions installed on the system or
even compatibility for full applications that are independent of Lua for
Windows but use the LuaBinaries DLLs. With less changes to the environment
the easier multiple installations will be.

> I think this should_not_ be the responsibility of Lua Binaries and
> should be in the next major (5.2) release of Lua. The reason I think
> this should not be a part of Lua Binaries is because this changes the
> operation of lua.exe instead of just modifing the way it works. To me
> this sounds like a feature request and for reasons highlighted here,
> should be adding to the main Lua source. Thoughts?

  On the other hand, I must agree with Ryan. This is not our call.