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steve donovan wrote:
On Sun, Aug 24, 2008 at 12:56 AM, David Manura <> wrote:
> > I understand that this takes some functionality away
> Such as having multiple versions of modules installed simultaneously.
> (Perl CPAN has been limited in this way.)
Well, LfW should provide a simple sane environment for people who are
not necessarily rocket scientists ;) <snippage> Considering how successful
Perl CPAN has been, even with this limitation, not handling multiple
versions does not seem a show-stopper.
Sorry for barging in like this, but but, how's the Lua rocks UI like? Is there anything like PPM (Perl package manager) for it? I found ppm great as a Windows user. I haven't used Lua Rocks before and it is not mentioned in the PIL, so I'll be lazy and ask here rather than Google, <grin>.

That is, this talk of CPAN reminded me of PPM in ActiveState Perl. I *really* liked the 3.x release in terms of its interactive command-line interface. Very friendly, easy and discoverable to use, totally accessible and reasonably powerful, too. Reminds me more of an SQL console than a Unix:ish traditional CLI app, which I personally find a good thing. I even found ppm easier to pick up than apt-get, for example. PPM 4 removed the interactive option and went with a GUI that's not screen reader accessible.

The only two shortcomings in PPM I could think of were inability to remove libraries that installed as dependencies but on which nothing no longer depends. and redundantly keeping copies of modules in site/lib that you already had in lib. Hope Lua Rocks can deal with the equivalent situations.

If you haven't used ppm for one reason or another but would like a brief description of the usage and output of a sample session, my Perl tutorial has a passage about that. A direct link (warning very large page):


Then search for PPM.

With kind regards Veli-Pekka Tätilä
Accessibility, Apps and Coding plus Synths and Music: