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"Jim Whitehead II" <> writes:
> From my recollection, it does not.  You will find that the emacs
> plugin for Lua is extremely out of date and has quite a number of
> issues with both the syntax highlighting and the indentation magic.  I
> had hoped to fix it and get a new one written at one point, but I no
> longer use emacs so I don't see that happening any time soon.

[Heh... "plugin"... :-]

The Emacs lua-mode I use seems to work very well, actually.  I've seen
other people say the indentation code is crufty but it doesn't seem to
be much of an issue in practice.  The one issue I find kind of annoying
is lua-mode's mishandling of "_" (it treats it as a word-component, not
just as a symbol-component), but that's likely quite easy to fix.

Jürgen Hötzel has stated his intention to completely rewrite lua-mode
(for reasons of both code-cleanliness and copyright status), but
apparently hasn't had the time to do much yet.  In his words:

> Sorry: the rewrite is still on my TODO-list! But i had no time
> yet. Any contribution would be appreciated!

So if anyone has some spare time... :-)


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