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I saw something called Primemover once, just to round out the discussion...

- LuaIBS
- Bou

And there's a really interesting one that bootstrapped itself from a single shell script (only).  It had the lua source embedded inside, compiled it, and ran the result to feed the lua scripted builds.  All one had to do was distribute the source code to the target app, and this script, and it would build.  But I may be referring to an older version of PM, as bootstrapping the build system is one of its features as well.


On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 5:32 PM, Asko Kauppi <> wrote:

Hamster is finished.  :)

But it does not co-operate with IDE's.

E. Wing kirjoitti 20.8.2008 kello 0:25:

Important caveat. CMakeLua isn't finished yet. I got really busy with
other things and it hasn't been touched in awhile. (LuaObjCBridge has
been eating my time recently.) As far as I know, the other members
have been busy too.

But we are happy to accept additional help to finish CMakeLua if
anybody wants to volunteer.


On 8/18/08, Linker <> wrote:
The cmakelua is a good choice.

On Tue, Aug 19, 2008 at 9:22 AM, Wesley Smith <> wrote:

Hi list,
I'm in need of a Lua-based build tool to manage a xplatform project
with lots of build targets.  My basic needs are:

- something that works on Windows, OSX, Linux
- can generate an IDE project and build using existing IDE projects
(like VS2008, Xcode, Code::Blocks)
- can be configured to install build products (like make install) and
other pre-/post-build mojo

I've looked so far at CMAKE and its Lua variant and Premake.  Premake
goes a good ways toward what I want but lacks support for actually
using IDE projects to perform the build AFAICT.  So, if such a tool
already existed, I would be happy combining it with premake.  CMAKE et
al are not to my taste.  Are there any others out there I'm


Linker M Lin

Bruce O. Benson, |
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