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On 11/08/2008 17:18, Louix wrote:
But lot's of apps have names that don't suggest what they do.

Well, as KHMan points out, the main issue is when searching a project with a search engine. A too generic name can bring unrelated links, and a specific search (PSP Lua) might miss the project! Generic names unrelated to computing (like Lua) can be good although some other people can use it for something unrelated (there is a Lua product at IBM or Microsoft, I don't recall exactly). The "worst" I saw is Processing for a graphical language (actually a framework around Java), a good way to get lot of false positives... Somebody pointed out that .NET isn't great either...

You're right, Luaboratory is a bit clunky, but it's an idea.

Hey, at least it is original and funny...

Philippe Lhoste
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