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RJP Computing wrote:

    Lua seems to run fine - without the hassle of downloading
    a new C runtime.
Sure because you used GCC on Windows. That uses the VC6 runtime which is part of the os from 200 on. I would MUCH rather use MinGW GCC but the LuaBinaries didn't, so I work around it the best I can.
We are using LuaBinaries and as such I am not compiling anything. And they choose to only build using VC2005. And since we use VCs005 the runtime must be installed on that machine. For the full story read this [1]. This is very complicated and I feel like this is the only option Microsoft gives to developers. Please give feedback if there is a better way.

Ah. I'm not using LuaBinaries because I find it difficult to determine
which versions are current. It's a good thing that you've gone ahead
and done the hard part of consolidating the binaries!

So far I've built Lua, luafilesystem, luasocket, and luasql.odbc and
am using them in a small app.

Next, I'll add luaxml and a few other modules. Note that I'm making
my own rockspecs that use the "module" build type, which results
in LuaRocks using its own builtin compiler wrapper instead of
calling make.

I'll post more on this when I'm comfortable with what it's doing.