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Good point. I have a hidden feature that if you don't have the VC 8.0 CRT installed and you have the >'vcredist_x86.exe' placed next to the installer file, it won't go download and use that file. This way >users/system administrators can roll LfW out just by copying the 'Lua_v5.1.3.XX.exe' and 'vcredist_x86.exe' >to the machines. Then execute 'Lua_v5.1.3.XX.exe'. Does this help the situation at all?

I may be missing things but why does vcredist_x86.exe have to be involved? Why would there normally have to be a separate download anyway? To me, it seemed like LfW was working fine as it is. Was there some particular modules that were unusually demanding, or is it a Windows version issue? It all feels like a step backwards.

steve d.