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On 05/08/2008, Ralph Hempel <> wrote:
> I've finally got Lua 5.1.3 and lfs built using cygwin but
> with the -mno-cygwin option. The Lua core and API are
> built as a DLL, and Lua and lfs are linked against that.
> Works so far.

Building Lua core with mingw is straightforward - there is a makefile
supplied with the sources. Mingw is easy to install - just download
the relevant .tar.gz files (there are about 4 of them), extract to a
directory of your choice, and add the "bin" subdirectory to your PATH.

> I'm going to do LuaSocket and LuSQL next and then run some real
> apps and report back.

I've built a whole series of modules using mingw. Generally, they
weren't hard to do. I'll see if I can tidy up my script and post the
relevant bits here.