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steve donovan wrote:
Fraid so! In the good old days things would require msvcrt.dll, which
was part of Windows. Now each major release of the MS compilers comes
out with a new runtime.  The LuaBinaries standard is basically VS2005
(msvcrt80.dll), and most people seem to be building against that now.
But (alas) you then have to include that damned runtime...

Speaking of this...

Sooner or later I'll have to switch to newer versions of Lua and extensions for PC-side tools (the embedded side is fully recompiled, so thank God it's immune from these troubles).

Having been burned in Manifest Hell once (with a C++ program and MS free compiler), let me see if I understand it correctly in the Lua context: if I put lua.exe, the Manifest file, the bloated msvcr80.dll (all from Lua Binaries) and the needed extensions (say, lfs.dll) in the same directory, do the extensions work correctly? (assuming I got the version right, of course) What if the extensions were compiled against a slightly different version of msvcr80.dll?
(I apologize for my ignorance of Windows programming fashions and trends)

I know there are configuration/installation/checking tools such as Lua Rocks, but I can't use them: when my users update their SVN directory, all should Just Work as it works now: nothing should be executed, nothing outside that directory should be accessed (different versions and even differently patched lua/luac are used). I'll gladly accept the burden of checking version compatibility, if I can continue doing things this way: I've had no problems so far.