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steve donovan schrieb:

Fraid so! In the good old days things would require msvcrt.dll, which
was part of Windows. Now each major release of the MS compilers comes
out with a new runtime.  The LuaBinaries standard is basically VS2005
(msvcrt80.dll), and most people seem to be building against that now.
But (alas) you then have to include that damned runtime...

steve d.

Delivering LUA with VS2005 runtime brings additional problems with manifests and all that stuff. Actually I was not able to simply use the dll delivered with LUA. Calling it brought up errors, telling me, that the c runtime was not correctly called. Searching the Internet I found out, that I had to add the manifest file to my executable (which was not created by me) as a resource.

I took the sources, compiled them with Watcom 1.7a and that's it. No additional runtimes needed for the dll (at least up to now) and no changes needed for executable files and no problems with manifest files.