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On 22/07/2008, RJP Computing <> wrote:
> If you want a distribution with a lot (not all) of Lua modules, check out
> Lua for Windows ( It has
> all the modules built correctly and ready to go.

Unfortunately not what I want. I'm embedding Lua and want a Lua DLL
(no installer or anything like that) plus import library. Beyond that,
I want a reliable source of binary modules compatible with the DLL I'm

LuaBinaries is far closer, if I could be sure that when modules say
their binaries are "compatible with the LuaBinaries" (quote picked
from LuaSocket web page, a purely random example) that actually meant
something. And given that there are at least 4 versions of
incompatible LuaBinaries for Windows, I'm not sure it does (For
example, LuaSocket specifically seems to provide vc6 and vc8 versions
for Lua 5.1.2 - I've no idea if they work with vc9 or vc7 versions of
LuaBinaries, let alone mingw versions).

I think "build your own" is the only viable approach for me.