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We are proud to announce the first release candidate of Lua for Windows (LfW). This moves this project into feature freeze, so only bugs will be fixed until the official release. Let us know what you think. It is important to get the best product so this can have a long life and bring more people to use Lua. Please give feedback.

A new feature has been added to LfW that allows any user to re-create the installer with the packages they choose.  You can add new modules just by adding them into your current install location. Then run 'readyiss.bat' and have INNO Setup ( installed on your machine. See '<LfW_Install>\installer\support\readyiss.bat' for more information.

    06/27/2008 Version - RC1
    + Added the ability to "self-host" the creation of this installer.
       That means if INNO Setup is installed on the installers machine they
       can create the LfW installer. This gives anybody the ability to add or
       remove items and modules from the installer.
       See <LfW_Install>\installer\support\readyiss.bat for more information.
    + Added a basic guide to using IUP.
    + Added the ability to completely uninstall the environment variables.
    * Fixed a few typos in quickluatour.lua.
    ^ Updated all no-extension files to have a .txt extension.
    ^ Updated all the *.lua and *.wlua files to use Windows line endings.
    Legend: '+' = Addition, '*' = Bug Fix, '-' = Removed, '~' = Move, '^' = Updated


RJP Computing