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On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 1:40 PM, Roberto Ierusalimschy <> wrote:

Accordingly, our discussion style may be considered somewhat unusual by
some people. We do not argue till exhaustion defending our points of
view.  We present ours and read others'. If we consider that we have
something that really contributes new material to the discussion, we may
reply. But we do not feel obliged to convince others (or even ourselves)
that our point of view is the "best" one.

Because of this development style, we prefer not to have a public
repository for Lua. That is not because there are secrets there. We can
provide a current snapshot of Lua if anyone asks. Before new versions,
people have enough opportunities to express their opinions when we
release work versions. But we do not want to have to explain every
single change we make to the code. We do not want to keep documentation
updated all the time. We want freedom to follow strange ideas and then
to give up without having to explain every move.

Fair enough.

As you can see I have strange ideas too, as the posting of my proposal made some nice replies on the list. I was just wondering if I implement these ideas to make them compatibly if they succeed into a new usable tree, but that is just a big *if* because I don't even know if I manage to have the time to make that. I believe I can think on syntax or binary compatibility instead of implementation compatibility if that happens.

Augusto Radtke