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"steve donovan" <> wrote:
> On 6/7/08, Andrew Wilson <> wrote:
> > Since Lua versions are independent so for Lua 5.2, only have lua52.dll
> >  , fixed, done.  AGRW
> If only it could be this simple - the really irritating part is the VS
> 8 runtime having to come along to every party. Irritating to those of
> us who prefer to work in mingw (or VS 6 ;)), but again, it is one of
> those things one has to accept.

Not necessarily. You can always use the VC7.1 compiler/linker: these do
produce exe and dll files w/o that annoying reference to the 8.x
runtime, just MSCVRT.DLL. The older compiler is unfortunately quite a
bit slower than the newer stuff, so I switch between the two.

cheers  thomasl