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Shmuel Zeigerman <> wrote:
> Thomas Lauer wrote:
> > I am amazed that this issue hasn't been resolved (and RIPped) long ago.
> But who's duty is to resolve the issue?
> It's clearly not an issue of Lua as a language. It's just a consequence 
> of (a very popular) LuaBinaries once releasing lua5.1.dll that became a 
> de facto binary standard, then authors of many third-party Lua libraries 
> were releasing binary packages compatible with LuaBinaries.

Well, any usable language is much more than its definition. That's why I
wrote in my other post about "a new language *and* its environment".

Arguably, the designers of the language (Lua) could and should have
given some basic guidance as to its implementation (ie lua or lua.exe, etc.) on the main platforms. At least they did so for the
library which is clearly also not an issue of Lua as a language.

It boils down to establishing a few ground rules: they're not really
necessary in any technical sense but they make life much easier for
everone (and novices in particular).

My 2 cent.

cheers  thomasl