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> Yes, LNUM patch is at the moment The way to optimize Lua integer 
> performance.
> I have yet to hear what Lua authors think of the latest version, but it 
> would seem to me to be beneficial for the whole language to include the 
> patch (or: parts of it).

The patch is quite useful, but I am still not comfortable with the idea
of two kinds of numbers. The problem is that, although the difference is
mostly invisible, it is not completely invisible. For instance, consider
the following fragment (ran under (double int64)):

  y = 1
  for i=1,60 do y=y*2 end
  x = (y*1000)/1000
  print(x == y, x+1 == y+1)   --> true    false

I know this is a rather artificial example, but I find the result somewhat

-- Roberto