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Yes, LNUM patch is at the moment The way to optimize Lua integer performance.

I have yet to hear what Lua authors think of the latest version, but it would seem to me to be beneficial for the whole language to include the patch (or: parts of it).

The current version does not slow down FP platforms. In places, it simplifies the Lua code internally. It has been extensively tested and it comes with a test suite to make sure changes wouldn't break anything.


Alexander Gladysh kirjoitti 24.3.2008 kello 12:42:
* Seperating LuaNumber into ints/floats for range/performance reasons

Never. Not on embedded platform.

Why do you oppose this?

It must be a misunderstanding, there is no downside that I can see. I don't think Adrian meant different Lua side number types (not required).

Hmm. Sorry, I should have been more elaborate and less rough on that
point. I mean that I never done that because I'm not developing for
FPU-less platform, and have not (yet?) met conditions where I would
believe that my code would *significantly* benefit from such change.
Am I right that we're talking about something like applying LNUM