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Rolf wrote:
> I am indeed writing several "macros" that are manipulating data in Ecco Pro
> (Ecco Pro is Personal Information Manager). However, I have a need for a
> wait/pause/sleep function in order to periodically check if some data has
> changed. 

I downloaded and took a peek on a lark, it looks
like there are functions that returns the last modified time of an
item or element. If this is true, this could probably be used to
determine freshness, if a 'last calculated' time can be set
somewhere, so as to know when to refresh or recalculate. I didn't
manage to find a download for the Lua extension easily, but
perhaps you could check if these functions or methods are also
exposed in the Lua extension.

> I also intended to use it to periodically execute actions at predetermined
> times.

If Ecco Pro uses Lua for macro scripting in the 'usual fashion',
then this would be impossible. A kind of event timer or scheduler
that calls a script would be needed, and this infrastructure must
be provided by the application. A macro script most likely cannot
keep running in background -- it runs then returns, and might even
not refresh the display while running. Since I haven't actually
seen or touched Ecco Pro, I can only guess.

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