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Petr Stetiar wrote at 13:24 +0100 on Mar  6, 2008:
 > Dirk Feytons <> [2008-03-05 22:27:32]:
 > > They better don't add autoconf stuff; the ./configure step would
 > > probably take longer than the actual compilation :)
 > Maybe it takes it's time, but then compiles without any problems on most
 > platforms (tm). Just look what Debian or Fedora have to do to just package
 > this packager's bad dream :-)

FWIW, FreeBSD ports system does very little.  It munges the Makefile
to replace /usr/local with $PREFIX so one can install it in
an alternate location.

That said, please open a new thread if you want to propose using
autotool.  My initial message with a patch to break AR into AR &
ARFLAGS is getting swamped by the noise.

Back to the original topic, I see at least 3 votes in favor and one
who mentioned an alternative option (but was not workable).

Anyone else care to comment on the splitting of AR into AR & ARFLAGS?

By the way, is there a public view into the lua source repository?
Maybe maintainers have already applied the fix and I just don't
know it ;)