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Dirk Feytons <> [2008-03-05 22:27:32]:

> They better don't add autoconf stuff; the ./configure step would
> probably take longer than the actual compilation :)

Maybe it takes it's time, but then compiles without any problems on most
platforms (tm). Just look what Debian or Fedora have to do to just package
this packager's bad dream :-)

Fedora just apply it's autotoolize patch and it's done. Debian modify Lua's
Makefile completly. BTW I'm using that autotoolize patch from Fedora also in
OpenEmbedded for building Lua 5.1.3 easily for my MIPS and ARM board(s). It
even builds fine in OE's chinook-compat distro for my Nokia N810.

If I could I would vote for autotools to be the standard for Lua. Nobody have
to do anything, it's already done in Fedora's (or whoever make it)

-- ynezz