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Le 6 mars 08 à 13:24, Jim Whitehead II a écrit :

- Describe your organization.

This will be the "official" Lua "organization" since there are no others AFAIK, and it has been discussed on the official mailing-list. So it should be easy enough to write a description for any native English speaking person...

- Why is your organization applying to participate in GSoC 2008? What
do you hope to gain by participating?

Lua needs more attention and could benefit from more libraries so Google SoC is an opportunity to gain both.

- What steps will you take to encourage students to interact with your
project's community before, during and after the program?

1. There is already a post on the wiki.
2. This is already being discussed here.
3. It could be nice if people could blog about it.
4. It could be nice if there was an announce made on
5. Since a lot of Lua developers are actually playing WoW (I know you are :)) and are still students in need for money to pay their online subscription to Blizzard it could be nice to post on the Wowace forum and a few other related places... This would be a way to say "Learn a great and modern language while having fun at the same time" :)


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