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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo <> [2008-03-06 09:47:19]:

> > > They better don't add autoconf stuff; the ./configure step would
> > > probably take longer than the actual compilation :)
> > 
> > Maybe it takes it's time, but then compiles without any problems on most
> > platforms (tm).
> Doesn't Lua already compile without any problems on most platforms??

Sorry, it should've been '_for_ most'. I can imagine, that building it
natively on target platform would work, but since this topic is about cross
compiling, it won't crosscompile -- well to be correct, it will compile but
for host, using host's GCC, not using GCC for target platform, since host's
GCC is hardcoded in Makefile and target's GCC won't be used.

-- ynezz