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I've been working on a program that processes midi information using
Lua. Being unable to properly understand Objective-C and CoreMidi's
multiple layers of abstraction, I've wasted many hours in vain on the
supposedly simple task of getting a simple midi stream in and out of
my Lua program. As a workaround I wrote a midi file parser- and
writer, but it's not the same as being able to play my keyboard
straight in.

Anyway, with Lua MIDI I was able to play my output live after half an
hour of fiddling. For me, the API is orders of magnitude easier to use
than CoreMidi, which is fantastic for a musician like me.

Thank you... my humble request would be for a version that does input
as well. The amount of time I've wasted on the seemingly trivial part
of this project has had me pouncing on any possible solutions :-)


On 04/03/2008, David Jones <> wrote:
> A mere 3 years have passed since the first release of Lua MIDI (see
> ).  I am
>  pleased to announce release 0.1.0.
>  Lua MIDI allows you to write Lua programs that send MIDI packets.
>  Currently only supported on OS X.
>  New features include:
>  Pre-built interpreter (based on the standard Lua interpreter).
>  MIDI packets can be scheduled to be sent automatically in the future.
>  A very brief tutorial is now included in the documentation.
>  I encourage anyone interested to get it from:
>  Feel free to pester me with any questions or concerns.
>  Cheers,
>   drj