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Miles Bader wrote:
> David Girault <> writes:
>> Concerning the build system used, what about a change to a more powerful
>> system, like CMake or SCons? I've heard of LuaDist that use CMake to
>> build/install a complete Lua system.
> Ugh.  Even the mere mention of cmake makes me feel kind of ill at this
> point...

The following is on-topic specifically for the above, I feel that
someone should mention it, so briefly: One individual that, IMHO,
has not been properly utilizing shared resources like mailing
lists on the CMake and Lua lists has been banned from the CMake
mailing list. This is just FYI in order to not unfairly taint
CMake in the above exchange, so let us refrain from further, more
specific, opinions.

> Please remember that many new build systems annoy the user with extra
> new build dependencies (not all do, as some only require tools for the
> developer, not the installer).

Agree. Unless there is a real need for certain features, I'd
prefer ubiquitous tools, even if they are considered a little creaky.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia