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Hisham a écrit :
On Thu, Feb 21, 2008 at 8:28 AM, David Girault
<> wrote:
Hi all,


First of all, sorry for the late reply.

 I write an Ebuild script to install Kepler in Gentoo. Two patches are made to tweaks the configure
 script and the makefiles. These patches add support for building multiple SQL backend and multiple

 So, with these patches and ebuild, you can install Kepler with Xavante, CGI launcher and/or Apache
 Mod2 launcher. Same thing for SQL backend. All of them can be build and installed at the same

Thanks for the patches! I committed a modified version of some of your changes:

* I committed the support for building multiple launchers and SQL
drivers at once.
Great, this one is the more useful patch!
This is what I didn't commit:

* I left out the $(DESTDIR) changes because they were spread over
every subproject -- it would be simpler to centralize them in the root
makefile, which already controls the install dirs given to each app
(also, each subproject is a separate CVS repo with different
The DESTDIR change is mandatory in Gentoo to install properly a package. I don't know how it can be centralized in root makefile since this root makefile calls each project makefile to do the installation. The most problem is that the root makefile does compilation and installation for some subdir but rely on sub-makefile for the others! I think the root makefile must be as simple as possible and call the sub-makefile for all real works. This way allow also to modularize properly each sub-project so they can be installed outside Kepler.

I began to make a modularized version of the Gentoo installation, but I need to patch each sub-project makefile, make each sub-project ebuild, etc... If I have time to do that, I'll post in this list, my ebuild and patch for each sub-project and finnaly the new kepler ebuild with dependencies.

Concerning the build system used, what about a change to a more powerful system, like CMake or SCons? I've heard of LuaDist that use CMake to build/install a complete Lua system.

* I noticed you commented out the fpic conditional, making it use
-fpic in every platform. Is this desirable? (Everyone's opinions are
With this option, Gentoo output a warning about TEXTREL in the '.so' shared libraries. In most modern distribution, TEXTREL section should be avoided (for performance or security). Look at for more details.
* The "apxs" patch would be better reviewed by a mod_lua maintainer, I
can't really comment on it.
This is this part that give me some headache! Hope it will be accepted by mod_lua maintainer. I hope it is not too dependent to Gentoo.
Again, thanks for the patch, but I don't know how much effort should
go into improving this installer. The future of the monolithic Kepler
package for Unix is uncertain nowadays, as the focus is going into
making a LuaRocks-based Kepler install.
LuaRocks may be a good way to do, but existing solution to install Kepler from sources with good dependencies handling (like Gentoo ebuild system) should be maintained. Someone, like me for example, may prefer to deal with only one build/install system. Gentoo ebuilds that use a "LuaRocks" eclass to install (from sources) should be a nice feature.



Ps: I add Lua list in CC, since they may be concerned by build environment and luarocks.