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Dirk Feytons wrote at 22:27 +0100 on Mar  5, 2008:
 > Lua has the advantage that it is ANSI C and so small that it is very
 > easy to just write a custom Makefile for whatever build setup you are
 > using.
 > They better don't add autoconf stuff; the ./configure step would
 > probably take longer than the actual compilation :)

Agreed.  FWIW, I'm no great autoconf fan - just noting that
it's use is pervasive.

 > Autoconf is not really standard in the embedded world from what I've
 > seen (which is not that much to be honest; we don't have many 3rd
 > party components).

We do embedded stuff, too, and occasionally build 3rd party ports.
Many of those we've used over the years use the 'configure' way.

 > >  If lua adds something like the prefix above, it won't bother me.  I'll
 > >  just add CROSS_COMPILE to my cross build environment in addition to
 > >  AR, CC, RANLIB, STRIP, etc.  What's one more variable?
 > One advantage of CROSS_COMPILE is that it doesn't have any effect if
 > you don't use it.

By the way, we call it CROSS_PREFIX in our build system.  We use it to
set AR, etc., when doing builds of software that doesn't use autoconf
(if autoconf, then we use --host=<prefix>).  It almost worked for lua
the first time except for this little ARFLAGS nit.

 > >  Does anyone have any good examples of software packages that use
 > >  such a prefix method?
 > The Linux kernel :)

Okay.  One little fringe piece of software. ;)

FreeBSD does it differently, by the way.  It just uses PATH.