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On Jan 30, 2008 12:28 PM, Mark Meijer <> wrote:
> On 30/01/2008, Robert Raschke <> wrote:
> > Unless you have a particular need for DLLs you could always statically
> > link Lua into your app.  I dislike DLL hell, so that's what I do.  I
> > go further and statically link in all the Lua modules I need as well.
> I used to do that too, I wanted a self-sufficient Lua executable that
> I could use anywhere and anytime. But I found myself recompiling the
> whole damn thing whenever I discovered a new library, or when one of
> them got updated. Also it's problematic when you want to just try out
> some module, if it depends on the Lua dll. I found that to be quite a
> hassle after a while, so I'm back to using dll's now.

If you use any (dynamic) c modules you have to use lua.dll. If you
statically link the lua core into your app AND your dynamically loaded
module you're looking at Heap Terror hell. That's at least four
circles below DLL hell. To say nothing about the mem waste of linking
the interpreter twice.

You guys (and most win32 systems programmers) seem to know this but it
might be worth mentioning to the uninitiated :-)
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