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Le Tue 15/01/2008 à 13:32 Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo à écrit:
> That page has links to LuaForge and to LuaAddons in the wiki:

Well, I know there are many links in the Lua Wiki ... But my idea was
to advertise a little bit more blessed modules from the Lua community,
maybe by a direct link to this page from a menu in

And, regarding this page, I'm not sure this is the best candidate to
show the best modules for Lua. Many of the modules here have not been
updated to be compatible to Lua 5.1 (and even some of them were never
upgraded to lua 5).
Some of the modules here require a modified lua (wxLua was like that
the last time I looked, and as I prefer to stick to the standard lua,
this prevented me from using it)
Some others projects on this pare are not really maintained, are they ?

Well, maybe what I'm looking for is more here:
But I could make the same remarks with this page. That is:
- not up to date
- may need patches to lua itself
- may not be maintained

So, what about creating a page on the wiki with up to date and blessed
lua modules ? The question is that how to decide which are the blessed
modules ?
A simple solution could be to give some people the authority over
it ... and a more advanced one could be to create a web application
that would gather all modules (homepage, summary, keyword) with user
comments, and user votes. Something to let new users easily decide
which module they need. Maybe I could try this out when I'll have time.

Mildred Ki'lya
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