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Recently, I discovered LOOP (Object orientation module) that I never
heard about. And I think there are some other modules like that people
deserve to know.

So why not adding a page to website listing those modules
(Like LOOP, LuaSocket, Kepler modules and others I forget)

Maybe this could be clearly advertised on the community page. And only
well known and supported modules should be listed, that is compatible
Lua 5.1, cross-platform (as much as possible, maybe not relevant for the
POSIX module) and without much dependency.


Mildred Ki'lya
E-Mail:	mildred593(at)

Site:	<>
XMPP:	<> (GoogleTalk, Jabber)

GPG:	197C A7E6 645B 4299 6D37 684B 6F9D A8D6 [9A7D 2E2B]