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Tim Kelly wrote:
Quite frankly, if decision makers in your company are not very bright, maybe
you should not bother to use Lua. Not all projects deserve Lua, after all...

I am the decision-maker at my company.  My company bids on projects.  The bids are evaluated by clients that not only ask me "what happens if you die tomorrow" but why they should select the technology I propose.  In order to ensure I had an answer to the second question, I asked Lua itself why I should invest in developing solutions based on Lua.  Yeah, it does seem to come down to "what if Roberto gets killed tomorrow?"  Assuming developers will step in when there is no official structure now flies in the face of decades of failure of software projects after the central leader leaves.

i recognize this argument (what happens if you drive of the road thing) ... the best argument/answer is: there are experienced users out there, just take a look at the mailing list(s) and for sure you can find someone who will help you out (given proper payment)

btw, this is much cheaper for them then paying MS for continuing development of C#


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