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2007/12/26, Tim Kelly <>:

Tim, if you want to convince your boss that Lua is the way to go, you have plenty of arguments. Hundreds of people have done it in the past, in small and big companies, and in all areas of the industry. I don't see why you would need a roadmap or the authors' oath for that.

Simply show your boss that adopting Lua is simpler and cheaper than embedding Perl or PHP. And that big companies such as Adobe, Blizzard, Lucas Arts, NASA and the likes have used Lua.

That's not how it works.  In business, "change is good, it's hip, it's happening, the company is forward-looking and on top of new technologies."  That's why there is a phrase "buzzword-compliant."  I'm not arguing in favor of this - quite the opposite, it infuriates me but I still have to overcome it when bidding on projects.  I don't have to overcome it if I pitch PHP or Perl or MS.  They don't stand still.

Quite frankly, if decision makers in your company are not very bright, maybe you should not bother to use Lua. Not all projects deserve Lua, after all... ;-)

-- Thiago