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> Does anyone have binaries (and instructions :-) for the 
> latest lua-5.1.2CE 
> release of the Lua-CE project (

I now have binaries for the ARMV4 target. The build problems I was
having were fairly simple to solve (luacerun.cpp needed to define lua_c
before including the lua header files, plus a couple of link errors).
The build works on my ipaq 4300 running Windows PocketPC 2003. The only
problem I have is when typing numbers directly into the interactive
interpreter. It appears to read extra characters along with the number
and then gives a malformed number error. However everything works
correctly when running a lua file.

Unfortunately I do not have anywhere to put the binaries so that you may
get them. Contact me directly if you wish me to email them to you. Or if
you know somewhere that can host them that would be fine too.
> I've tried the pre-built binaries (from an earlier version) 
> but without 
> any visible success. Do I need PocketConsole or something 
> like that? Does 
> it have its own console? How do I, ummmm, get it to work at all?

You will need a console of some form since there is nothing built in to
PPC devices. I am using the console application released by microsoft as
part of the Windows Mobile Developer Powertoys. PocketConsole would
probably also work although I have not tried it.
Get the powertoys (including console) here: