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[I found that my earlier install of Lua-5.1CE _did_ work after all :-]

The only problem I have is when typing numbers directly
into the interactive interpreter. It appears to read extra
characters along with the number

I have noticed this strange behaviour...but it seems that if you type a space at the end of the line before pressing [Return] then it all works fine. (Don't ask me why. It just does :-)

Unfortunately I do not have anywhere to put the binaries

You can email them to me -- no problem. There are free hosting services around, e.g., if you are looking for something more general. Have never used them but they don't serve ads -- I presume they offer the free service to let you try before you buy. The only possibly serious restriction is that no individual file can be more than 500Kbyte, but you can have 2GB of total data (and 5GB download per month). Doesn't seem too bad for nothing. You don't need a domain name, either.

You will need a console of some form since there is
nothing built in to PPC devices. I am using the console
application released by microsoft as part of the Windows
Mobile Developer Powertoys.

Doesn't work on Windows Mobile 5.0. At least, I couldn't get it to work. My guess is that this is "by design."

PocketConsole would probably also work although I have not tried it.

It works just fine. Except for those curious trailing chars when entering code at the '>' prompt. As I mentioned, a trailing space seems to make it all good.