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> Does anyone have binaries (and instructions :-) for the 
> latest lua-5.1.2CE 
> release of the Lua-CE project (

I was just about to do my own port of lua 5.1.2 to pocket PC, so thanks
for the news that the LuaCE project had been updated from 5.0. I can put
the binaries up somewhere for you once I get the project building. It
appears to have problems with some macro definitions. luacerun.cpp is
not building because a bunch of things defined in luaconf.h are
apparently not defined, even though luaconf.h is being included. It
looks like LUA_USE_LINUX is being defined, and I don't expect that could
work on Pocket PC platforms. Anyway, if and when I get it building I can
get the binaries to you somehow.

Also, a quick check of the Lua-5.1.2CE luaconf.h reveals that LUA_NUMBER
is still set to double. On most pocket PC's this will give average to
poor performance. Would anyone be interested in an integer only version
of LuaCE, combined with a fixed point userdata module?

- DC