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There are a few people who currently use the Windows version
and *may*, once I release the source code, try their hand
in porting it.

Publishing the source code _as a matter of course_, along with the binaries, would IMO be more in keeping with the spirit of this list, even though Lua's licensing doesn't require it.

function propaganda() --[[

One odious things about the GNU GPL is the way it defines true software freedom as something which necessitates the very strict removal, by the GNU politburo, of specific software freedoms; one of the cooler things about MIT/BSD-flavoured licences is the way that a lot of software projects which use them republish all their sources anyway, even though Komissar Stallman isn't there to order them to do so...

]] end

And, as I said before, Idle is IMO poor choice of name. At first, I assumed it was an IDE for Lua based on, or in some way equivalent to, Idle for Python.

Why not follow the practice of earlier projects of this sort and rename it to, say, Sonne, or UeberLua, or something like that, and then reference it along with derivatives like Sol and MetaLua in the section 'Alternative implementations of Lua' on:

That would surely defuse any and all of the tension it has created here, would give a respectful nod to its Lua origins, would list it publicly on the official Lua users' site, and would remove any ambiguity with 'Idle as related to Python, the scripting language.'