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Duck <> wrote:

> >There are a few people who currently use the Windows version
> >and *may*, once I release the source code, try their hand
> >in porting it.
> Publishing the source code _as a matter of course_, along with the 
> binaries, would IMO be more in keeping with the spirit of this list, even 
> though Lua's licensing doesn't require it.

If you have (or had) read the FAQs you will (or would) know that I'll
eventually release the source code. However, there are two important
provisos: I want to see convergence towards a feature-complete and
API-stable version (currently I am still experimenting with some
features) and I have to clean up the source files and build process.

Both these things will come to pass with the first beta version...

cheers  thomasl

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