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Xavante is a Lua HTTP 1.1 Web server that uses a modular architecture
based on URI mapped handlers. Xavante currently offers a file handler,
a redirect handler and a CGILua handler. Those are used for general
files, URI remapping and CGILua scripts respectively.

Xavante 1.3
* Uses Lua 5.1
* Fixed headers to send the header twice if it's defined twice,
instead of concat'ing with commas (previous behavior was broken when
sending cookies)
* Removed the restriction of only handling URLs that corresponded to
files in the filesystem. Now cgilua.dispatcher can map URLs like
/apps/wiki/... into whatever it needs. Patch by Mauricio Bomfim.
* Corrected the PATH_INFO handling for cgilua.dispatcher
* Code refactoring by Thomas Harning (Bug [#767])
* Better error handling, using io.stderr instead of print
* Added the correct prefix to error codes (by Zachary P. Landau)
* Support for caching based on last-modified implemented by Zachary P.
Landau, based on the design of HTTP.lua (by PA)
* Content Encoding handling using encoding.lua as a configuration
file, added svgz encoding and content-type
* Fixed bug [#510] filehandler does not send correct headers for 404
error (found by Matthew Burke)
Xavante source code and documentation can be found at

Xavante is free software and uses the same license as Lua.

Feedback is welcome!