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> Sure it's a hack.  You could partition the file so that it doesn't
> change the meaning of anything and run loadstring on the chunks.  I'm
> not sure how you could figure out where to chop it though.

I thought about this solution.
But I guess it is a "buggy" solution. Doing this, probably, something will be wrong in the code and a lot of bugs will appear from nowhere. :D

But still being a solution anyway.


Lucas Teixeira

On 8/16/07, Lucas Teixeira <> wrote:
> Could you write it to file and call luaL_dofile?

> wes

Actually I tryed this and a unhandled exception is thrown by the application.
And one more time I have no idea what is causing this :)

But if still not working I will try this solution.


On 8/16/07, Lucas Teixeira < > wrote:
The application loads the whole lua file. Then the application parses it.
Actually this test that I am doing is reading a file from my own computer, I just have a adaptor class that simulates a network transfer and load a local file.

The problem isnt network transfering, the test is reading a file from my computer, opening it using fopen storing all the content on a const char* buffer and passing it to lua.


On 8/16/07, Edwin Eyan Moragas <> wrote:
On 8/16/07, Rob Kendrick <> wrote:
> Wesley Smith top-posted:
> > Could you write it to file and call luaL_dofile?
> This strikes me as an inelegant hack, if the data's coming over the network.
> Does the Lua API support incremental parsing, such that you can keep
> calling a function to pump more data in, and then signal the end?

parsing a lua lib file sounds like incremental parsing.

why not send the source one file at a time then the calling code
as the last?

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