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Hello everyone.

I am a programmer has been a long time, and always when I had a problem I google first and try to solve it by myself. When I am running out of options I ask help in forums and mail lists.
So here I am now, to ask some help. :)

I am working on a cross-plataform system to run remote lua scripts.
Everything was going really fine until a big problem. I am trying to solve this has been about three days but without success.

My application receives a lua script (string) from a remote server and run it using Lua5.1. Until here no problem, all test was successfull.
But if this source script has more than 8 kbytes the lua_loadstring returns LUA_ERRSYNTAX.
When I remove some lines until less than 8 kbytes the script runs. But if I include any kind of code lua_loadstring returns this error.
My only conclusion is that lua_loadstring has a very limited buffer for the script. But actually I have no idea how to fix it.

Someone, please, could help telling me a solution or what's exactly is this problem?

By the way, I am trying to run it on Window XP, and the compiler (both my application and Lua5.1) is GCC 3.4.2.

Thank you all,

Lucas de Oliveira Teixeira