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Stephen Kellett <> wrote:
> A side effect of this work is that this means the Idle language is now 
> supported by the Lua tools. As a result we have also added .idle 
> filename filter support in the appropriate file dialogs etc.
> So if you feel you need tools for Idle as well as for Lua, the Software 
> Verification Lua tools will do the job for both.

That's good to hear. I did try one of your tools a month or so ago and
it failed, even with the Idle library accordingly renamed. Then again,
that was with old versions of everything: I should definitely try again.

(However, as I wrote in an earlier message, the Idle runtime DLL does
most things pretty much like Lua does them, but there are also some
differences. So there's a small chance that something may go astray.)

cheers  thomasl

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