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A quick one... the subject says it all. After fixing a couple small bugs
and some changes to the documentation I have now released a pre-alpha
version of Idle.

There is one important area of change to the language: there are three
more predefined metamethods, __next, __ipairs and __pairs, and three new
functions, rawnext(), rawipairs() and rawpairs(). These functions are
similar to next(), ipairs() and pairs(), but they will ignore any

This version is only available for Windows 2000 and later. Although a
Linux/Unix version would certainly be possible, there are currently no
plans to do such a version.

I will move to an alpha release during the next few weeks, including a
binding to SQLite 3 and a class/object system. Feedback as to (missing)
features, bugs and documentation glitches is welcome.

For details, documentation and downloads see

cheers  thomasl

web :