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Thomas Lauer wrote:
A quick one... the subject says it all. After fixing a couple small bugs
and some changes to the documentation I have now released a pre-alpha
version of Idle.

Software Verification's Lua tools have been updated to support lua DLLs that are not named LuaNNN.dll (lua50.dll, lua51.dll, etc). We did this work to support a large well known media manipulation software vendor that uses Lua inside its product (but has renamed the DLL and made minor mods to the DLL).

A side effect of this work is that this means the Idle language is now supported by the Lua tools. As a result we have also added .idle filename filter support in the appropriate file dialogs etc.

So if you feel you need tools for Idle as well as for Lua, the Software Verification Lua tools will do the job for both.