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On Wed, 25 Jul 2007 13:37:30 -0400
"<>" <> wrote:

> instead of JS? theyre practically the same language, only JS calls
> its objects 'objects' instead of tables.. look closer. the
> differences are mostly syntax.. and heavier/less-agile
and i hate c-like syntax. %-) this is one of the reasons of my
Lua-migration: "Lua is not C". %-)

> maybe you could make a write a pretty trivial lua<>JS rewriter if you
> prefer ones syntax over the other, i prefer Ruby's syntax to either..
i thougth about Lua->JS and Lua->PHP converters. Lua->PHP is not
necessary anymore, 'cause i'm in process of writing my own CGI
framework (no, Kepler is not a choice of mine %-). i have PHPish tags
and $-substitutions, what more? %-) includes, debug console, error
reporting... it all works. %-)

> what exactly is the project? id be more interested in implementing
> CSS and DOM layout/events in Lua using Cairo/Glitz, so i can stop
> giving away 400mb of RAM and most my CPU to firefox, than the other
> way around..
i want Lua compiler and VM in JS. or at least `reworked' VM. something
like `protype' -- a framework, which will compile and run Lua code in
browser. i know that i'm crazy, but may be i'll try to write some code
anyway... programming isn't just a money-work -- i like to make
something just for fun... %-)
one wrote Forth in BASH, why don't write Lua in JS? %-)

> have you benchmarked LuaJIT vs Tamarin? 
no. actually, i'm pretty sure that i'll not switch away from Lua, so
just don't making any benchmarks. and i want Lua in browser, so i
interested only in spdermonkey (Tamarin will come later) and Opera js
engines (and no, i event don't plan to support micro$oft JS engine %-).

but i'm curious... may be i'll try T., tnx. %-)