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On Wed Jul 25, 2007 at 08:15:58PM +0300, Ketmar Dark wrote:
> we have Lua in Lua. so why not write Lua in JS? it would be fine to
> write DHTML in Lua... %-)

instead of JS? theyre practically the same language, only JS calls its objects 'objects' instead of tables.. look closer. the differences are mostly syntax.. and heavier/less-agile implementations (typically C++ interpreters and heavily intertwined with browser code) w/ less non-html standard-library support.

maybe you could make a write a pretty trivial lua<>JS rewriter if you prefer ones syntax over the other, i prefer Ruby's syntax to either..

> really, i think that Yeliang can be taken as a reference. i've seen
> Lua->JS converter, but it is old and buggy. does somebody interested in
> such a... (stupid? let's say "funny") project? %-)

what exactly is the project? id be more interested in implementing CSS and DOM layout/events in Lua using Cairo/Glitz, so i can stop giving away 400mb of RAM and most my CPU to firefox, than the other way around..

have you benchmarked LuaJIT vs Tamarin?