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Yes, everything should be for amd64. First I tried the LPeg library
version from, but
it was for 32-bit system and it gave the usual "wrong ELFCLASS
<something>"-error. So Lua version is 5.1.1 from Kubuntu's
repositories and LPeg and SciTE-st (and Scintilla) I've compiled
myself. Otherwise SciTE works ok, but everything that has something to
do with Lua does not work.

It is possible that Lua is not linked properly at compile time. I honestly do not have enough knowledge of building and linking to know how to debug this, but it might be worth looking into. I noticed that when I didn't link to Lua in some builds, I would get undefined symbol errors like yours.

Best of luck,

- Olli

> I've googled, searched the mailing list and also a friendly person at
> tried to help but without success. Sorry if this information
> wasn't enough, but this is all very new to me so I don't know what's
> important and what is not.
> - Olli