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I'm having major problems getting Scite-st
( working. I know this is Lua list,
but I'm not sure whether the problem is with Scite or with Lua (and
the Scite mailing list is not working at the moment). Lua version is
5.1.1 (from Kubuntu repositories) and Scite-st is the latest from svn.
Scite requires (among others) LPeg-library
( which I had to compile
myself because I have amd64 and the one from Scite's webpages is
32bit. After compiling I copied the resulting to Scite's
lexers/ -directory, but when I try to run Scite, it gives me an error:

Lua Error: error loading module 'lpeg' from file
undefined symbol: lua_insert.

I've googled, searched the mailing list and also a friendly person at tried to help but without success. Sorry if this information
wasn't enough, but this is all very new to me so I don't know what's
important and what is not.

- Olli