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Hello and thanks for replying.

2007/7/24, mitchell <>:

> I'm having major problems getting Scite-st
> ( working. I know this is Lua list,
> but I'm not sure whether the problem is with Scite or with Lua (and
> the Scite mailing list is not working at the moment). Lua version is
> 5.1.1 (from Kubuntu repositories) and Scite-st is the latest from svn.
> Scite requires (among others) LPeg-library
> ( which I had to compile
> myself because I have amd64 and the one from Scite's webpages is
> 32bit. After compiling I copied the resulting to Scite's
> lexers/ -directory, but when I try to run Scite, it gives me an error:
> Lua Error: error loading module 'lpeg' from file
> '/home/olli/Programs/scite-st/share/scite-st/lexers/':
>        /home/olli/Programs/scite-st/share/scite-st/lexers/
> undefined symbol: lua_insert.

Is your system Lua amd64? Is scite-st compiled for amd64? I don't know
for certain, but I should think 32 bit apps linking to 64 bit
apps/libraries may cause some problems.


Yes, everything should be for amd64. First I tried the LPeg library
version from, but
it was for 32-bit system and it gave the usual "wrong ELFCLASS
<something>"-error. So Lua version is 5.1.1 from Kubuntu's
repositories and LPeg and SciTE-st (and Scintilla) I've compiled
myself. Otherwise SciTE works ok, but everything that has something to
do with Lua does not work.

- Olli

> I've googled, searched the mailing list and also a friendly person at
> tried to help but without success. Sorry if this information
> wasn't enough, but this is all very new to me so I don't know what's
> important and what is not.
> - Olli