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On Saturday, July 14, 2007 7:02 AM, Thomas Lauer wrote:

> I beg to differ.

Now you have me really confused but it does not surpise me either.
Most of the data was obtained from your response to Luis's comment
and I quote Luis:

 "My point is why duplicate the reference manual, changing all
 references to Lua into Idle? Just write a much smaller reference
 manual that lists and discussed the differences and extensions.
 Products like WoW embed Lua and export different functions to Lua
 but that doesn't mean they're not using Lua..."

I would not undertake the task of maintaining a reference manual,
unless I foresee changes that I plan to implement that would differ
significantly from the base language. Like others, I would not
classify your changes that you pointed out to be significant, unless
you have more planned.

> In the spirit of calling a spade a spade, I'd
> even say this is a load of rubbish. Your subtext parsing engine
> is reading things into my responses which are not there.  

Figuratively speaking human "subtext parsing engine" should do
exactly that - read into things that are not there!!

And the performance of such engines are measured in terms of 'True
Positive', 'False Positive' and 'F-Score', Precision and Recall,
just like any other classification and reasoning engines in

So what I hear you saying is that 'Idle is not a fork' and that my
"subtext parsing engine" needs some more training before it can make
assertions of this kind. OK, I got it. It should know better anyways
in that there is black, white and everything between!

Chill and peace,

Vijay Aswadhati