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I was writing a NBD server(which is essentially file
stream over tcp/ip). The protocol is very simple: A 28
byte header indicating either a read or write(I use
lpack to pack/unpack this header ) + actual data to
and from server. So a very simple socket based

I wrote both a lua version and a python version. Under
linux, lua is about 2-3x faster than python, and about
50% of a C implementation.

However, when I put the same code to run under
windows, the python version is 2x as fast as lua. The
python is about 50% of the C implementation.

I have also tried to illiminate the file io(so
effectively echo back) and the result is still the

What would cause such a strange behaviour ?

Both lua(luajit) and the python code are compiled
using MSVC on Windows and gcc under linux.

thanks for any hint in advance.


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